La Rectoria


  1. Description
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  3. Practical guide
  4. History of La Rectoria


Rectory of an enormous historical character, in an idyllic setting.


It has been restored austerely while keeping the original architectural elements. We avoided excessive reforms that would have depersonalized the house, as is often the case in most of today’s rural tourism houses. For this reason you will find well-kept traditional livestock eaters, walls with their original plaster, stone walls,…

Furniture and atmosphere

In the house you will find furniture/antiques of great value, from all periods:

  • Two bridal arks, one from the 17th century and the other from the 18th century
  • 19th century beds
  • Diverse furniture from grandfather Pere Canals and grandmother Roser Costa, from when they went to live in the Gràcia district of Barcelona, around the year 1930 (there is a black clock in the dining room that shows it).

The new furniture is simple, and it has been chosen looking for a young, little-loaded environment (such as pallet beds).

The house “luxuries”

The facilities and kitchen accessories are simple and austere. Don’t expect to find superfluous luxuries. You’ll find the “luxuries” in:

  • The environment: Idyllic surroundings. The church next to the pool, the views of the snowy Pyrenees, in winter, the tiny village, the fields, the forests, the sheep, the goats,…
  • The history: A house that breathes history in every corner. Rectory of stately character, built in the 16th century and enlarged in the 18th century, with all its historical elements intact. Click here to find out more.
  • Location: 5 minutes from Besalú and 35 minutes from the beach.


The house sleeps 26 people, 2 of them in accessory beds.

It has 2 private garden areas of about 300m2 that allow spaces of relaxation and privacy.

The area of the pool and the Romanesque apse is shared with Can Canals house and the little house.

The following practical guide to the house can be very useful to solve the doubts you may have: